Renu 28

The Future of Skin Care

RENU 28 is a topical gel delivery system that supports and revitalizes your skin using Redox Signaling Technology. This innovative product cares for your body from the outside in giving you healthy, youthful-looking skin. Learn how RENU 28 can get you looking and feeling younger in just 28 days!

A Skin Health Revolution

As we age, and as stress and environmental toxins inundate our lives and weaken our defences, normal cellular function declines, taking with it the proper balance of redox signaling molecules. The skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate declines over time. Infants turn over skin cells about every 14 days. In adulthood, that time increases to 28 days and continues to lengthen. By age 50 and beyond, skin cell turnover can stretch to as long as three months. But with daily application of RENU 28, you’re giving your skin rejuvenating redox signaling molecules that improve your skin at the cellular level. No matter what your trouble spots may be, whether it’s unevenness or dryness or fine lines — and no matter where on the body they are — RENU 28 can help.

ASEA discovered a revolutionary technology that replicates the body’s own redox signaling molecules. This process has been used to develop products that contain these life-sustaining molecules to protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.

This means that with RENU 28, you can apply active redox signaling molecules directly onto your skin and improve your skin at the cellular level, revitalizing your skin’s health—not just its appearance. RENU 28’s patented redox signaling technology has been shown to make visible differences in the skin by actually making skin cells healthier. There’s nothing else like it on the market.

Using a patented process that replicates the body’s own redox signaling molecules, RENU 28 enhances cellular health, providing whole-body skin therapy that revitalizes your skin’s health and appearance, with an increased ability to withstand everyday stressors. Whether you use RENU 28 alone or in conjunction with your current skincare regimen, the result will be the same: clear, radiant, healthy skin.


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